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Job Offers Published:2015-03-21
Liush Creek Group, warmly welcome you to join us!

First, Sales Engineer (Location: Shenzhen, Beijing, Chongqing)

1。 Shenzhen, Beijing, Chongqing, each recruit two; more specialist or equivalent, 28 years old -40 years old, mechanical design and automation profession。

2. Excellent customer service awareness and communication skills, in machinery, automation industry for more than three years of sales experience.

3. Income: basic salary + commission approach, a million a year is not a dream.

Second, the planning engineer (Location: Beijing)

1.3, college degree or above, aged 28-45, more than three years painting surface treatment engineering and related work experience;

2。 There is a large manufacturing enterprise layout planning project experience;

3. To adapt a business trip, skilled CAD, office software. Can complete the whole plant coating equipment independent, auto parts, hardware and mechanical components, smallPlastic parts and other surface treatment process design, and has strong language ability, compressive strength, coordination, communication skills, have a strongTeam spirit, able to work under pressure;

Third, mechanical design engineer (Location: Beijing, Shenzhen, Hefei)

1。 mechanical engineering degree or above, 28 to 45 years old。

2。 Familiar with mechanical principles, understand the machining process, with a strong theoretical foundation machinery, master graphics software such as AutoCAD and PROE。

3。 Requests the coating industry or automated processing equipment manufacturing more than three years of work experience in the surface, complete with independent programs and structural design workWork capacity.

4. separate out installation and commissioning work experience.

5。 Have good language skills, excellent teamwork skills and communication skills。

Fourth, Electrical Engineer (Location: Shenzhen)
1。 Mechatronics bachelor degree or above。

2. With electrical equipment manufacturers design and maintain more than three years of work experience, independent electromechanical product design.

3。 proficient motion control design, proficient control theory, familiar with the application of various pneumatic components and sensors familiar selection stepper, servo motor

   And debugging。

4. be familiar with the use of PLC programming, understanding Mitsubishi, Schneider, Siemens and other products.

5. electromechanical integration equipment experience, independent gas path diagram drawing equipment.

6。 Proficiency in the use PROTEL or Auto CAD and other graphics software。

7。 has good language skills, excellent teamwork and communication technology skills。

8. strong hands, can be hard.

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Job description and specific requirements: Negotiable